How Dental Facilities Can Leverage Automation

Dental clinics are crucial to supporting the health and wellness of their communities. As technology rapidly develops, dental professionals are quickly finding new ways to support their patients’ oral hygiene. Dental procedures are advancing – so shouldn’t dental facilities operate in an advanced way, too?

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, gives dental clinics the support they need to thrive in a fast-paced environment. This powerful software automates tasks, creating tons of benefits: it reduces costs, saves time, eliminates the risk of human error, and leaves staff with the ability to focus on human tasks that require their attention.

Dentistry is one of the industries that most benefits from RPA – that’s why most dental clinics are equipped with automation software. Learn below how RPA can transform the world of dentistry.

What is RPA?

RPA is a complex software system that carries out repetitive tasks which would be tedious and time-consuming for human staff. This software uses ‘bots’ to complete these tasks. As a result, you can take a hands-off approach to seeing the completion of these tasks, and staff members can complete tasks that require a human approach.

In the context of dentistry, RPA can be used to track appointments, automatically coordinate with patients, and perform HR-related tasks. As a result, dental clinics will benefit from shorter patient lines, increased productivity, and more revenue.

How Dental Clinics Use RPA Software

Patient Scheduling and Reminders

With so many patients and appointment types, a dental clinic’s schedule can quickly become hectic. RPA software is designed to handle any schedule, no matter how many components it contains – scheduling appointments is a breeze with RPA.

Plus, RPA can automatically send patients reminders in advance of their appointment via text or email.

Electronic Forms

Both staff members and patients often have to fill out paperwork. Long forms lead to long lines, and these forms often leave room for error – not to mention that papers can easily get lost. Electronic forms are far more convenient, and RPA organizes them automatically.

Patient Records

Storing and analyzing patient records is a breeze with RPA. Rather than having to locate records through a maze of files, RPA organizes records in an efficient way, and both dental professionals and patients are more easily able to access their records with automation.

Follow-Up Instructions

After some procedures, patients need to follow a specific set of instructions to protect their oral health. RPA can automatically remind patients to follow these instructions with clear writing that is hard to misinterpret. Ultimately, patients are more likely to follow these instructions with automated reminders.

Payroll and Other HR Duties

From staff scheduling to payroll, HR management staff usually have their hands full. Many of their duties are repetitive – and though repetitive tasks are often described as “easy,” it’s part of human nature to make mistakes when completing them. RPA bots can complete repetitive tasks without error, allowing staff to complete tasks that are better fit for humans – it is, after all, called “human resources.”

Encourage Patient Reviews

For a dental clinic, reputation is everything. That’s why patient reviews are so important – especially in the digital age. Along with other reminders, RPA bots can encourage patients to leave reviews, and they provide links and digital forms to make the process quick and convenient.

How RPA Can Transform Dental Clinics For The Better

With the uses we’ve listed above, it’s clear that RPA software can get a lot done in dental facilities. After incorporating RPA into your facility, you’ll see great results right away. Here’s what you can expect:

  • More time: RPA takes care of tedious and repetitive tasks. These can often be quite time-consuming for human staff – but with RPA, staff can focus on other duties that require their expertise.
  • Paper-free processes: With RPA’s organized digital approach, you’ll have less physical paper to deal with. That means no more lost papers or illegible handwriting – plus, you’ll be helping the environment.
  • Fewer mistakes: Bots don’t make mistakes the way humans do when completing repetitive tasks. Say goodbye to tiresome errors!
  • Less stress for all: Patients and staff both agree that RPA makes everything more convenient. As a result, the dental clinic becomes an environment where people can get their teeth cleaned without the added stress.

Curious About RPA Software?

At Thrive Automation, our goal is to ensure your team is fully support and empowered to use RPA in a way that helps your business reach its full potential – whether you’re a dental clinic or anything else.

No matter your skill level or experience with automation, we can help you! We offer the following options, depending on your knowledge and experience level with RPA:

  • Automation Readiness Audit (ARA)
  • Automation Roadmap
  • Automation Pilot
  • Automation Centre of Excellence
  • Thrive Care

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